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MfWAT Listing

I decided to put this journal into good use and use it to put up my new Avatar: the Last Airbender one-shot collection. Click the cut for more info.

Memories from Western Air Temple

Main characters: Zuko, for the most part
Pairings: Zukaang (main) Toko (friendship), HaruxKatara (one-sided, sprinkled all over the place), Tokka (one-sided, mentioned)
About the story: This won’t be a long story as much as a collection of one-shots that form a bigger whole together. Most of these one-shots are set during the gaang’s stay at the Western Air Temple, hence the title, but there will be a couple of shots that take place before that. The specific setting of those shots will be put in the beginning of the piece in question and they will be marked "out of sequence" because of their small storyline value. The fics will also be able to be divided into arcs according to the theme they revolve around. I will be using a linear timeline when listing the chapters instead of the arc system, however.
The arcs:
1) Guilt Arc: The Guilt Arc revolves around Zuko hearing about what happened to Jet and experiencing a guilt-trip. In the grand scale this arc is going to create connections between Zuko and the minor members of the gaang.
2) Legacy Arc: The Legacy Arc is about Zuko doing the last bit of coping when it comes to his inheritage, fearing that changing sides won't be enough for him to find peace. To the overall plot this arc will bring Aang and Zuko closer to each other.
3) Unity Arc: The Unity Arc focuses on the changing relationship between Zuko and Aang. It also has Zuko gaining more confidence in his position in the group.
4) Comet Arc: The Comet Arc will have Aang finally facing Ozai, which is probably rather obvious from the title.
5) New World Arc: The New Word Arc ties up all the loose ends that the story still has, developing the relationships into their final forms and giving a taste of the world after the war.

Next, the chapters so far, listed in a manner that shows the timeline:

Out of sequence / Comet Arc: Footsteps in Sand
Out of sequence / Guilt Arc: Passing Thoughts

Western Air Temple

Unity Arc: Fear
Guilt Arc: Tentative Contact
Unity Arc: Collision Course
Legacy Arc: Relations
Unity Arc: Sparring Partner

Firebending Masters

Unity Arc: Worthless
Unity Arc: Reasons and Motivations
Guilt Arc: You Cast a Shadow
Unity Arc: The Green-Eyed Monster
Legacy Arc: Good and Evil
Guilt Arc: Tormented
Guilt Arc: This Sickness in Your Soul
Guilt Arc: Dreams of the Damned
Guilt Arc: A New Routine

Boiling Rock

Guilt Arc: Too Good for This World
Guilt Arc: When the Cries Are Silenced
Guilt Arc: What He Needs to Hear
Guilt Arc: Small Comforts
Guilt Arc: Sleeping Arrangement
Unity Arc: It's Fine Because I Say So
Unity Arc: A Matter of Observation

Southern Raiders

Unity Arc: Firebenders' Den
Unity Arc: Perfection
Legacy Arc: Drawing the Line
Unity Arc: Rainfall Benders
Unity Arc: Dancers of Fate
Unity Arc: Drops of Rain

Ember Island Players

Unity Arc: Your Heartbeat Thunders
Unity Arc: Not a Woman
Unity Arc: No Turning Back
Unity Arc: The Call of Reality
Comet Arc: Interlude to the Comet
Comet Arc: Lost And Found
Comet Arc: Light in Darkness
Comet Arc: An Impassable Wall
Comet Arc: Father Mine
Comet Arc: Moonlight's Embrace
Comet Arc: First Step off a Cliff
Comet Arc: Stuck Between
Comet Arc: Second Step Losing Balance
Comet Arc: Third Step Freefall
Unity Arc: How I Feel
Legacy Arc: Burn
Legacy Arc: Hurt
Legacy Arc: Madness We Welcome
Legacy Arc: White Fire
Legacy Arc: No Justice Is Meant for All
Legacy Arc: Different Kinds of Healing
Legacy Arc: Fire's Legacy
Legacy Arc: Essence of Fire
Unity Arc: From Me to You
Legacy Arc: There Is Some Power in Love
Comet Arc: No More Running
Unity Arc: To Look But Not to Touch
Unity Arc: We Could Die Tomorrow
Comet Arc: Beginning of the End
Comet Arc: Red And Blue
Comet Arc: We Are Strangers to Each Other
Comet Arc: You Are Dead to Me
Comet Arc: Your Spirits Beside Me
Comet Arc: Redemption and Those Who Fail to Grasp It
Comet Arc: Broken Fragments
New World Arc: Staring Into the Sun
New World Arc: Path to Truth

Tags: fandom: avatar: the last airbender, fanfiction, fic: memories from western air temple, pairing: zuko/aang
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